What I do: Simply, I help tell your story, in this place & time in the world. I create proof of your existence, for generations to come, in the images we capture during our session. I make it easy, from initial consultation to reveal session, to document your life.

I find it difficult to call myself a specific type of Photographer. I LOVE creating images, and find the labels of specific genres too confining. I love working individually with people, I adore families. Special events, let’s share a good party. You have dogs? Bring them, I love dogs! Architecture, nature, Legos…there is very little I don’t want to put in front of my lens.

It is always about the story, your story, that intrigues me, captivates me, enthralls me, and drives me to tell yours in images.

Photographer of people. places, things…it isn’t just what I do, it’s what I am. The story is our history and legacy, and keeps us existing in photographs throughout time.

I am such a sucker for a great story, now tell me yours.