The Parachute Dress

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The Parachute Dress

The Portrait Session

Some portrait sessions take months in planning, especially when you’re crafting a Las Vegas Parachute Dress portrait session.
With Kayli, whom I’ve had the honor of shooting for over 5 years, I wanted to do something surprising. I wanted to create a once-in-a-lifteime session, something to absolutely WOW her and her brand.
Kayli has been racing cars since she was 8 years old, and now inching ever forward to her dream of racing on the big Nascar stage. The month before our session, she won her first big race in a higher division, making our plans even more important. To create a session that showed the balance of her beauty, strength and determination required some detailed timing, location and, of course, the gorgeous Parachute Dress.
There are a lot of options in the world for Parachute Dresses: so many talented designers, colors and styles to choose from. I quickly settled on designer Alice Andrews, whose custom work is simply spectacular. I wanted a specific color of blue, matching Kayli’s brand color, and Alice had the perfect dress.

Parachute Dresses themselves are always unique, and surprising when you see them in person. Bigger than you’d think, lighter than you imagined, and stunning to work with.

The Session!

Once we had time and location sorted, along with the ever impeccable hair & make up artist, Tatiana, a session was born.
We started at 4am (yes, AM) in my studio, for hair & make-up. Then, along with Kayli’s race car Monster, we made the 45 minute drive out to the Dry Lake Bed. Late June, in Las Vegas, demands a sunrise start time to avoid the heat!
It is allllll worth it, to see the finished images for Kayli.

Yes, we added smoke bombs! We really wanted to set this session apart from any other we had done, and we went all out.

Kayli, loving the morning light and playing around in the parachute dress.

Kayli & Monster. A girl and her race car. And yes, it says ‘you just got passed by Daddy’s little girl”.

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