Personal Branding with Jassen Allen

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Personal Branding with Jassen Allen

Environmental Portraits

Personal Branding

This week I get attend a show performed by the incomparable Jassen Allen, and it reminds me of our personal branding photo session. Jassen is a Las Vegas area singer, actor, producer and host I discovered a few years ago through a monthly charity event, Mondays Dark. Jassen’s stage presence, always infectious, uplifting and rocking, made me immediately like him. Spending time getting to know him, made me LOVE him!

It took me a bit to convince him to let me take his portraits. In a town where everyone seems to say ‘hey, I’d love to work with you’, I totally got his hesitation. The man has people photographing him all the time, so I’m sure I sounded like a bit of a goof asking to meet with him and discuss some ideas.

Meet we did, and the rest is history! We talked for ages about ideas, styles, needs and how to use the end result. We needed content to fill his website, create images that captured his thematic endeavors, and generally show off his skills. To say I was nervous and anxious on the day of our shoot is an understatement! Since one of his most influential heroes was Luther Vandross, I decided to make a one-of-a-kind backdrop, only for Jassen. He provided me the music sheets for some of his favorite songs, and I hand dyed the sheets, and made a backdrop. Talking about taking personal branding to a whole new level.

The Backdrop

Even today, I can still say this was one of my most favorite photo sessions. We had a blast, singing, dancing, and as a result, we really created images that show of Jassen’s style, talent and personality.

Personal Branding Results

Come on, look at this face!

Most of all, I hope you’ll considering joining me this Friday, 1/27/17, for the show. Get your tickets here: Jassen’s “With Love” performance and hang out supporting a wonderful Las Vegas performer while getting your groove on.  If you can’t make it, but want to keep up with Jassen’s upcoming performances? Follow his work and schedule at Jassen Allen.

Finally, do you want to craft your own, personalized photo session? Call me today, let’s collaborate.

See you soon!

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